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  1. Where price and value meet

    Many ask how do we offer the service and facilities we do for the prices we charge? Unlike some firms with a large organizational structure, we do not have business titles. Simply put, we are working funeral directors. Our staff does not work for our family, they work with our family. We are not as concerned with profit as many other firms are. Regardless of what service your family chooses, the religious background of your family, or your financial circumstances, at Affinity we are here to help you.

  2. We are not beholden to banks or shareholders.

    Our business model has enabled us to grow while not being beholden to a bank or shareholders. When you deal with our company, you are dealing with a family owned company that is committed to serving you in your time of need.

  3. At Affinity all of the caskets that we offer are manufactured by North American family owned companies.

    Our family has dealt with the same manufactures for generations. We value trust and loyalty and are committed to helping family owned companies grow. For that reason we deal exclusively with North American made caskets.

  4. Our staff is not compensated on a commission structure.

    Did you know that many area funeral homes compensate their employees by the service and merchandise they sell you? At Affinity we do not evaluate our employees on a revenue perspective. We truly care about the families we serve. Instead, we treat every family the same regardless of the service that is selected. We are truly different. We are here for you in your time of need.

  5. We are not a discount cremation provider of another local funeral home or a publicly traded company.

    Did you know that some area funeral homes offer direct cremations from 1.5 to 3 times less if you use their online discount provider or cremation specific provider compared to their local funeral home? When you deal with Affinity you are dealing with a full service funeral home that treats you the same in all settings and situations.

  6. We do not have hidden fees for meeting with our staff in person or on weekends or for expediting death certificates.

    We do not charge you for meeting in person with one of our funeral directors or charge a fee for expediting the death certificates. We are truly different.

  7. We do not have membership fees. We treat every family the same.

    At Affinity we treat every family the same. We do not price match. We do not charge membership fees. Our prices are our prices.

  8. For all of our cremation packages we allow immediate family to view a loved one prior to cremation at no charge.

    When you choose Affinity your loved never leaves our care and identification is not limited to photo. We always give immediate family (limited to 10 family members and 30 minutes) the opportunity to view their loved one prior to cremation at no charge.

  9. We do not have weekend and/or holiday fees for performing cremations.

    Many other funeral homes or cremation providers do not own their own crematory, or if they do they charge weekend fees for performing cremations. At Affinity we have a company owned crematory and do not charge weekend fees for performing cremations. Our average turn around time for returning cremains is 3 to 5 business days from the time of passing.

  10. We are a family owned firm who has been serving families throughout Virginia for over three generations.

    While we are new to Richmond, we have been serving families throughout regions in Virginia for generations, and will remain in Richmond for generations to come.