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Comparing Affinity to Other Burial Services

No matter what service your family chooses, you can rest assured that our level of service is not compromised. Whether it is a simple cremation or traditional funeral service, our staff will help guide you in an efficient and caring manner that helps honor the life of your loved one.

At Affinity, families are saving hundreds, often thousands of dollars compared to familiar Richmond providers.

Richmond Funeral Home Costs

At Affinity, we provide a cost-sensitive option while not compromising our level of service.

While competitors often start their burial prices starting at $4000 to $6000, our burial packages start at $2395. Whether it be a Traditional Church Funeral Service, a Traditional Chapel Service, Graveside Service, or Immediate Burial, don’t let high prices keep you from celebrating a special life.

Richmond Cremation Costs

Cremation provides an alternative to traditional burial and we are able to offer some of the best prices and services when compared to our local competitors.

Where our competitors may offer introductory prices of $3000 to $4000 we are able to handle the direct cremation, transfer of remains, and service vehicle for only $1295. Part of our value derives from the fact that we own our own crematorium and are not burdened by high operating costs.

If you're in need of burial or cremation services at a low price with high quality, contact Affinity Funeral Service and let us help you celebrate a life well lived.