Cash Advance Items are items that are fees from a third party. What is a cash advanced item? These items can include obituary costs, clergy honorariums, musician fees, church fees, floral arrangements, and the fee for the use of a limo. It is important to understand that these are not our charges they are the direct fees of the third party which is supplying the good or service.

At Affinity we pride ourselves on open and honest discussions. We understand that each family that we serve is different. Whether a family chooses to handle third party items on their own or have us include them in the contract as a cash advance you can trust that the fees presented go directly to the individual or company providing the good or service. We are not marking up the third party’s fees.

What is the Average Cost of an Obituary?
Many families feel at ease when we place an obituary for them as it allows the process to be expedited and they understand that they don’t have to worry about paying for the obituary right away as we are willing to cover the cost upfront from the paper. The costs of these obituaries vary from publication to publication. In larger metropolitan areas the fees tend to be significantly greater than a small town weekly paper. At Affinity we can assist you in carefully curating an obituary that is a proper tribute to your loved one in a cost effective manner.

What Are the Fees for a Pastor or a Musician?
When an individual comes to the funeral home to assist with a service fees may vary based upon their personal charges. In our area it is customary to pay a clergy $150 for assisting in a service. When soloists, organists, pianists and other musicians come to the funeral home to partake in a service fees are traditionally around $75. These charges can vary from person to person and if can also shift if a service is being held at a church. Often times churches have a set fee structure for the individuals assisting in services. Affinity can help you with any and all questions when trying to identify costs for services.

How Much Should You Budget for Additional Cash Advance Items?
When planning for a funeral or memorial service it is important to remember that every service is different. Not all cash advance items are not necessities. At Affinity our staff will work with you to ensure that any and all requests are made and fulfilled prior to a service date within your personal budget. We are family owned firm that will be open and honest with your family and work with you to ensure a fitting and unique tribute to your loved one’s life.

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