Many families that we serve are unaware that when cremation is chosen burial is still an option. When working with families, many are surprised to hear of the benefits of cremation. While cremation is a less costly than a traditional burial, one of the greatest advantages that I share with families is the flexibility that it offers. For out of town burials, burials at a later date, or if a family wants to wait prior to interring, cremation allows families a flexibility component that sometimes is a more attractive alternative then a traditional burial with a casket.

When working with families, I also stress the advantages of working with a full service funeral home. While cremation societies and discount cremation providers may only offer cremation services, at Affinity we offer the services of a traditional funeral home. We have served many families that wanted to have a traditional service with a visitation and service with a casket present, but simply do not want to incur the high fees for interring a casket at cemeteries. After the service, we can proceed with the cremation and the family can choose to inter the remains or take the remains home. Typically, when cremated remains are interred in a cemetery, the opening closing fee is less than a traditional burial. One thing to keep in mind when interring remains, most cemeteries require that a vault be used for in-ground burials. At Affinity we offer vaults specifically for cremated remains at a price point all families can afford. With all of our cremations a certificate of cremation is returned with the cremated remains. This is an important document to keep because if final interment is at a later date, you will need to produce the document to the cemetery prior to interment.

If you are a veteran and want to be interred in a national or state veteran cemeteries, we can work with you and your family to ensure that your wishes are fulfilled. An honorably discharged veteran is entitled for burial at no charge at a veteran cemetery. Even if cremation is selected, this is still an option for a veteran, as many cemeteries serving veterans have both in ground and above ground niche options for interring remains.
There are many advantages cremation that extend beyond price. If you have any questions about our cremation process and the services that we offer, please call us at 804-477-3136. A member of our staff will walk you through our cremation process and the options available to you and your family.

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