Many families are unaware that there are many ways in which the family can handle their loved one’s remains. While traditionally remains are placed within an urn, other options include:

Space Travel
Celestis Memorial Spaceflights actually allows for families to shoot their loved one’s ashes into space. Depending upon the type of service selected, Celestis Memorial offers families the opportunity for the remains to orbit the earth, lunar orbit, or launch the remains into deep space.

Heavens Above Fireworks offers another unique option for cremated remains. Through firework displays, families have the option to incorporate cremation ashes within the fireworks. A unique tribute that makes for a memorable remembrance of a loved one’s life.

Another option is to create a diamond with the cremated remains. In this option the cremated remains are manufactured into a gemstone. LifeGems is a company that offers a variety of colors of their diamonds ranging from: blue, yellow, red, green, and colorless. Prices start at $2,490.

Memory Glass provides families a unique alternative to memorializing their loved one. Memory Glass suspends cremated remains within a variety of choices including: ribbons, pendants, hearts, and galaxy orbs.

Art In Ashes is a company that mixes in the cremated remains of an individual with oil paints. The paintings offer families a fitting tribute to a life of their loved one and can be tailored to the hobbies and interest of the individual.

Teddy Bear
Many companies are now offering Teddy Bear Cremation urns which allow for an individual’s cremated remains to be housed inside of a Teddy Bear.

Coral Reef
Eternal Reefs is a company that is providing families with the opportunity to memorialize their loved one through the creation of an artificial reef. The process involves mixing cremated remains with concrete and then crafting an artificial reef that is then placed onto the seafloor. Prices for this option begin around $2,995.

Affinity Funeral Service
These select options highlight a few ways in which your loved one can be memorialized. It is important to remember that everyone has a story to tell. Life is a great gift and here at Affinity we will assist you in any way to ensure that your loved one’s life is captured in a fitting and unique tribute. Please give us a call today at 804-477-3136 or stop by 2720 Enterprise Parkway, Richmond, VA 23294.

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