In Loving

In Loving Memory

Alicia Tarrosa Tan

 March 3, 1950 – September 1, 2023

Anyone who knew Alicia Tan, or even met her briefly, would be saddened to learn of her transition into the everlasting light. But it should be understood that she willingly left to rejoin her Creator and her mother in the heavens above as she left behind her ashes to be returned to the Earth. She never feared death, she was a strong believer in her faith and knew that life was only temporary and her body was only a borrowed temple. She reminded us frequently throughout her life that when it’s her time to go she will surrender to God’s love and light.
Alicia will most definitely be missed long after her final departure from this Earth because she was pure love and joy. Where she roamed she attracted laughter, adventure, and life. She never walked in fear, nor shy away from what others tend to avoid; but rather opened herself to the exploration of what it means to love more fully and live each breathe with gratitude for all the blessings that were bestowed upon her in this lifetime.
To appreciate this Earth Angel, one must simply pay attention to her gregarious presence that wandered about in a celebratory fashion. In her early years, she left home in her 20’s to work in the United States as a registered nurse and found herself at home in any big city. She surrounded herself with the compassionate Jezebels (her fellow nurse classmates) who shared her boisterous spirit of working hard Monday through Thursday, then celebrated long into the night from Thursday to Sunday. She married and stayed virtuous to a gentle and kind soul found in Johnny Tan. Together, they shaped each other to provide a life full of spontaneity, travel, and meaning. She rocked motherhood effortlessly, as she gallantly rose to exceed every challenge of navigating child-rearing over her two daughters, Jennylle Zanzi and Katrynna Duvall. Her benevolent wisdom was exuded onto all by her soulful intentions and set as a standard by her example. For ease of interpretation so that even a young child may understand why she was so easy to love: Alicia always showed up, always paid attention and was fully present, always actively engaged and participated, and always accepted the outcomes with no remorse or regrets.
Prior to her retirement (which had to be the earliest time when she could start living off of her pension, but not before she left her legacy in the daytime hilarious drama of her cardiac surgical suite at Carillion Memorial Hospital), she had started an annual ritual of vacationing with her mom and her four brothers in the Philippines to escape winter in Virginia. She dared to dream big and with her sisters, Evelyn  Luansing and Carmen Tarrosa, they pooled their money and lived part-time in the Philippines helping to guide and support her siblings and their children. She adored every child in the family; especially her four grandchildren: Mason, GianCarlo, Mia, and Lorenzo who were a tremendous source of joy, peace, and comfort to her. Her favorite pastime was making collages of the memories of her travels and of her grandchildren.
Her favorite teachings to her children included: You don’t have to be a millionaire, just live like one (she lived a rich and purposeful life the way she wanted, always thanking the Lord for her blessings); If you want something bad enough never let money be an obstacle, offer it in His name and it shall be granted (she always prayed over a decision and if it was meant to be it simply came to BE); Don’t live in fear, life is too short, walk forward in faith (she was always guided by Him and she trusted that God would always shelter and protect). Don’t fear death, He will decide when it’s your time to go (she believed we are all an instrument of God’s work, and when our Ultimate purpose has been fulfilled, we will all be called to return Home); Don’t think too much, just see and act with your heart (she believed in the miracle of the Lord, and this is how she Loved with all of her being).
She was never afraid of danger or of the unknown, because she approached every angle from a launching pad of unwavering love and Catholic faith. Her conviction and passion for living was equally matched to that of dying. She carried herself with honor and grace, thinking only of others and not burdening anyone with her pain or suffering. She remained in awe and in wonder of the glory of her God, as she cherished all the gifts rightfully bestowed unto her by her Creator. And at the ripe age of 73 years young, she took her last breath and wept one solitary tear in the comfort of her own home, as she departed this world surrounded by family holding space and witnessing love, peace, and joy.
May Alicia’s soul rest in peace. And may she continue to guide and watch over all of us from the heavens above. She will always live in our hearts.
Thank you Alicia (wife, mother, sister, lola, friend, archangel) for your pure love and pure light.
Alicia was predeceased by father Manuel Tarrosa, who died January 14, 2008; mother Milagros Tarrosa, who died December 23, 2020; brother Nelson Tarrosa, who died December 2, 1996; and brother Ramon Tarrosa, who died November 18, 2019.
She is survived by husband, John Tan; two daughters, Jennylle Zanzi (Hugo) and Katrynna Duvall (Chris); one sister, Evelyn Luansing; one brother-in-law, Gil Luansing; four brothers, Manuel Tarrosa Jr., June Tarrosa, Rolando Tarrosa, and Ernesto Tarrosa; five sisters-in-law, Cecil Tarrosa, Carmen Tarrosa, Alpha Grace Tarrosa, Ma. Carmen Tarrosa, and Minda Tarrosa; and numerous first-cousins, nieces, and nephews; and the four grandchildren mentioned above. We are all forever grateful and truly blessed to have been unconditionally loved by Alicia Tan.