In Loving

Dr. Terence J. Wieting, PhD, MS, BA BBS

September 4, 1935 – November 7, 2023

Dr. Terence J Wieting, PhD, MS, BA BBS passed on Tuesday, November 7, 2023, in Richmond, Virginia.

Terence James Wieting was born in Chicago, Illinois on September 4, 1935, to parents Frank and Marie Wieting.  He was the second oldest child – younger than David Wieting, and followed by Tom Wieting and Mary Wieting where Terence developed his athletic prowess (football, baseball, basketball, and competitive fencing) and sense of humor.

He attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology for a BS in Physics and a minor in Philosophy, Harvard University for a BD in Theology, University of Heidelberg for a degree in German, and then a PhD in Physics at Cambridge University. After his PhD, he moved back to America to complete postdoctoral research in Washington, DC which began his career with the US Naval Research Laboratory.

While at Cambridge, he met Annelies Burgunder, and after agreeing to learn German, his soon-to-be Swiss father-in-law decided he was a reasonable choice for a spouse.  Terence and Annelies had three daughters, Nicole Anne, Andrea Kristin, and Karin Danielle.  They were blessed to live in and near Washington, DC where they were able to continue Annelies’ culture by participating in the Swiss Embassy (which included dancing, yodeling, and an alphorn), spending a few yearlong sabbaticals in Lausanne, Switzerland to teach, and enjoying many summers visiting with their Swiss family.

Terence mainly focused on physics during his long and successful career. He was a Project Scientist at Mithras Inc., a Research Associate for the National Research Council at the National Academy of Science, and then a Supervisory Research Physicist at the US Naval Research Laboratory until he retired.  He enjoyed light-hearted topics of research that included electromagnetic interactions with high-temperature superconductors, infrared and Raman investigations of low-dimensional materials, and lattice dynamics.  Although Terence didn’t speak often about physics during dinner conversations, he was passionate about Christ!  At any time of day, he would happily share long messages about the Bible and what he had learned while reading passages in the original Hebrew and Greek.  He was also a longtime teacher of the Men’s Bible study at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Springfield, VA, and held various leadership positions at the church.  After retiring, Terence became a pastor in the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod and taught Bible studies, preached, as well as participated in International Missions to further God’s Word.

Terence’s family is blessed to have been a part of his life! He was a loving husband, and devoted father and all who knew him are better because of it. He will be missed, but he is with us every day in our hearts. Terence is survived by his wife of 53 years, Annelies Wieting; three daughters, Nicole Carter, Andrea O’Brien, and Karin Trice; and five grandchildren, Ethan Carter, Laurel Carter, Annelies O’Brien, Holt Trice Jr., and James Trice.