In Loving

Laurrie Lynn Brady Lolly

February 7, 1952 – September 18, 2023

Laurrie Lynn Brady Lolly, 71, of Mechanicsville Virginia passed away peacefully in the arms of her beloved family on Monday, September 18, 2023, after a short battle with uterine cancer.

Laurrie is survived by her loving and devoted husband of 50 years, John Emilio Lolly. Of course, she is survived by many more .. we all know she was a loving and wonderful daughter, wife, mother, grandmother, and much more. So let’s get down to what’s at the heart of it.

Laurrie was the kind of mom that made the ordinary extraordinary. She taught us to see the beauty of the every day. The exquisite joy of a belly laugh.  The contentment of that 30-second pause to appreciate the warm glow of the setting sun.  She taught us that time is the most valuable resource. She loved us hard. Without hesitation. Always with a yes, yes I’ll watch the kids, yes I’ll go on the trip or the concert or the walk …yes let’s plan a party, but most of all she loved her John. Best friends, soulmates, and partners in crime. They faced adversity side by side and they never went to bed angry.  By loving us they taught us how to love each other. She was a helper. The first to step in no matter the crisis, no matter the person, no matter the situation.  She cared for people with grace and compassion. She had about 30 hobbies throughout her lifetime. from balloon animals to baking bread and teaching cooking school to growing…ahem …” plants”. She loved to laugh and had the best sense of humor.

When we asked her how she wanted to handle her afterlife arrangements she said “Burn me up!  I don’t care about the rest.”

She was incredibly kind. And smart. There’s a quote by the Avett Brothers in a song called Life that I listened to today. “Watch us fly as loud as we can, let her heartbeat change what I am now. “

She taught us to fly. She taught us to live. She taught us to love each other and help each other. It was her heartbeat that made us what we are now. And always.


Time is the most valuable resource.
-Jackie Guthrie

Grammie was the definition of unexpected because she always just seemed to be a kind old, young, or middle-aged lady. She was polite enough when you first met her and then she could always break the ice with a good cuss word and then she would get a laugh out of you, and if you didn’t laugh, if you instead acted incredulous…well then you just weren’t her kind of person.

She could be blunt when she needed to, she could be a quiet, wallflower-like observer too though. She was beautiful no matter what she was. She was a teacher and if you knew her well, she would teach you the best of things.

Every part I love about myself is something that she helped create within me. She lives inside of all of us. None of us could ever forget her, because all of the little, forgettable idiosyncrasies are things that have been instilled into all of the people that loved her.

She was our 10.

-Jules Guthrie

Love again mwah