In Loving

Vicki S. Schultz

Jan. 24, 1963 – Mar. 7, 2021

I do not even know where to begin.
I guess I could say how “she fought a courageous battle with cancer”, but in fact, it wasn’t much of a fight, although, she certainly was courageous. The Sarcoma was a nasty adversary, refusing to play by the rules, striking down every attempt to defeat it.

She had beaten cancer once, as a child of 15. A car accident caused her to have her Spleen removed. Tests discovered she had Hodgkin’s Disease. A grapefruit-sized tumor was removed from her chest followed by radiation treatments. She was warned that later on in her life there would be a strong chance of cancer, due to the high radiation levels that were used. But after 40+ years, ya kinda forget about it.

She learned of the Sarcoma last February 2020. Drug Therapy, Radiation, and then Chemotherapy. Still, the cancer grew. The side effects of the medications were debilitating. After stopping treatment, the illness it produced went away.

The three of us had a mild Christmas this year, a Covid Christmas, as we called it. We splurged on Prime Rib and Lobster for dinner on Christmas Eve. In our family, we celebrated December 24th together.  On the 25th we usually went to our Aunts.  We talked about the fun times of past Christmases, looked through old photos, and laughed. For a brief moment, life felt normal again.

Vicki self-isolated herself to avoid getting exposed to Covid. I would joke that people were going to think we were holding her hostage. She had to live her life through Facebook, texts, phone, and online communications. If she was awake, her laptop was on.

Fiona and Maisie (her dogs) only left her side when they were let outside or to eat. I would laugh to myself, as she would have one-sided conversations with them. Once she looked up at me and said “No, i’m not crazy, these are my girls”. I can not quantify how many times I would walk into the room thinking she was talking on the phone, only to realize it was the dogs she was talking to.

Vicki wanted to be cremated and her ashes spread anywhere there are flowers. She didn’t want a marker of any kind.

I want you to know how loved she felt by all of you. Every phone call, gift, text, email, card, note, flower delivery, candy, muffin, cookie drop-off, drive-by, or any one of the many other efforts that caused her much happiness. She enjoyed every single gesture. Her favorites? All of them. Your dog treat deliveries gave her joy. She enjoyed indulging her girls with them. It gave her such pleasure. She loved the videos sent to her, of the dogs she fostered, by their owners. Vicki would watch them over and over and over again She would laugh and cry with pride, talking to the video “Come on, jump, you can do it”. She fostered close to 40 dogs, and she loved every one of them.

Thank you for all your love and support. She repeatedly said “I am truly blessed to have such good friends” and she was.
In lieu of flowers, we urge you to make a donation in Vicki’s name to Richmond Animal League (RAL) or foster an animal from them.