Ramona Mullins Williams



Mona Mullins Williams, dedicated family woman, passionate artist, and generous educator, died suddenly and unexpectedly on November 24, 2018, at the young age of 68. She was born in Mississippi (her heart), raised in New Orleans (her passion) and lived in Virginia (her home).

Art was a central element of Mona’s character. She once stated “Making art is cathartic for me. Working in a visual medium allows me to communicate ideas and feelings that I would find difficult to express in words.” She wanted her art to provide a social commentary using irony and humor to highlight hypocrisy and injustice.

Mona earned a Bachelor of Arts from Tulane University as a single mother, showing her children the value of perseverance. She won numerous awards and held many impressive positions during her career including Visual Arts Director at the Lynchburg Fine Arts Center and Professor at Lynchburg College.

After getting her master’s degree from Virginia Commonwealth University she continued to deliver political and social commentary in an aesthetically pleasing package. Whether through art or heated discussions Mona was always quick to condemn injustice and champion the poor and down trodden. When her art wasn’t enough to drive change, she participated in political rallies and get out the vote campaigns.

In 1984, Mona married her best friend and hearts passion, James Williams. They each brought two children to the marriage (Dawn and Summer, Jennifer and Jeffrey), and added on one more for good measure (Jordan). In addition Mona was quick to take on anyone in need of family. She was a strong proponent of unconditional love and became a mother figure to many. Money was tight and the minivan full, but Mona always made sure her family had grand adventures.

Once Mona retired she focused her efforts on her grandchildren, cats, crossword puzzles, reading, politics and cooking. She was an amazing cook, unless you asked her kids about the dreaded Mexican Meatloaf. She loved to watch cooking shows and was always making fantastic meals for her extended family. Her grandchildren loved spending time with her, especially when she let them do whatever they wanted so she could finish a puzzle or a book. Never shy to share her perspective, she had many a good natured row with siblings and in-laws to ensure her opinion was heard.

Please raise a glass in her honor at your favorite bar. Mona always had her arms, heart, and pocketbook open to those in need; family, friends and even strangers. So, in lieu of flowers, the family requests that a memorial contribution be made in her memory to Miriam’s House (https://www.miriamshouseprogram.org/).