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Cremation Services in Goochland, VA

At Affinity Funeral Service, we offer full-service cremation that is managed locally in our company-owned crematorium. This guarantees careful attention and keeps the services affordable for you.

There are many cremation options available for families in the Goochland area. But, not all cremation services are as local or as professional as you’d expect.

To make this process less difficult, we also offer cremation packages. See the package details below to decide which packages might be best for your family. If you have specific needs in mind, we can customize options for the package you choose – simply contact us for details.

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The Memorial Service Package

– Transportation of loved one from the place of passing to the funeral home

– Preparation for ID

– Cremation of loved one

– Memorial service with one hour of visitation at Affinity Funeral Service

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The Direct Cremation Service Package

– Transportation of loved one from the place of passing to the funeral home

– Preparation for ID

– Cremation of loved one

Direct Cremation is the most basic, and lowest-cost cremation option.

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About Affinity Funeral Service

We are proud to be family owned and locally operated. We are committed to comforting you at your time of loss and meeting your needs in the most professional and compassionate way.

We serve the Greater Richmond Area, including Goochland and other nearby locations. All of our cremation services are processed in our company-owned crematory. This ensures that your family member never leaves our care.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“When my step-daughter, died you were there for us. I did a lot of research to find the best cremation option for the family, and Affinity stood out from the crowd. Now my daughter-in-law’s mother has passed, and you folks shown like a bright shining star getting the family through a very difficult time. Thank you.

-M. Coddington

“Very nice. We needed a simple cremation for our 91-year-old mother. They were very easy to work with and handled everything for us.  Reasonably priced with no upsell pressure. Thanks.”

-J. Sneed

“Excellent work done by the courteous staff in handling all the funeral arrangement at a very short notIce and that too on a Sunday. Keep up the great work. The experience could not be better.”

-S. Tekriwal

Have Specific Questions About Cremation in Goochland?

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How Long Does Cremation Take?

Many providers tell families that it will be a minimum of 15 days prior to receiving their loved one’s cremated remains back into their care.  

While every family we serve is different, we do average a three to five-day turnaround of cremated remains.  Delays may occur when death occurs on a weekend or holiday and the primary care physician’s office is not available to receive the death certificate for signature.

Veteran’s Benefits for Goochland, VA Cremation Service

Affinity Funeral Services will work with you to make sure your loved one receives the burial benefits they earned through serving our country.

In order to be eligible to receive funeral benefits or compensation for expenses associated with final arrangements, you must be a veteran discharged or separated from active duty under conditions other than dishonorable, and have completed the required period of service. U.S. Armed Forces members who die on active duty are also eligible, as are spouses and dependent children of eligible living and deceased veterans, and of current and deceased armed forces members.

Read more about Veteran’s benefits here.

*To help you understand your options, we have created many different service packages. Service packages do not include any merchandise; cash advance items, or additional transportation charges for deaths beyond our service area.