1. Simply put many funeral homes are more concerned with profit then we are.
We believe that families should not be expected to pay high fees for cremation and traditional funerals. Our variety of cremation and burial packages ensure your loved one will receive the utmost care at a price your family deserves.

2. We are not a cremation society or an entity owned by a large corporation.
Our business is family owned. When you deal with Affinity you will be dealing directly with members of our family to ensure your needs are met. We consider every member of our staff an extension of our family.

3. We believe that the best decisions are the most informed decisions.
At Affinity all funeral arrangements are made by open, honest discussions with families about costs, fees, and finances. Members of our staff will work with you to ensure that your loved one has a fitting tribute to a unique life lived.

4. Our funeral directors are not evaluated on the services that they sell you.
Did you know that many funeral homes evaluate their staff by the average returns they yield when meeting with families? At Affinity, you can trust that our funeral directors will not push any service or product on your family. We believe in an open and honest discussion.

5. Many locations that offer lower prices are often found in industrial parks or have small spaces to accommodate families.
You can rest assured that our new 28,000 sq. ft. modern facility provides ample space for families during the most difficult time of losing a beloved family member.

6. Our prices do not compromise our level of service.
No matter what type of service your family chooses, you can rest assured that our level of service is not compromised. Whether it is a simple cremation or a traditional funeral service, our staff will help guide you in an efficient and caring manner that helps honor the life of your loved one.

A Checklist for Funeral Preplanning
Are you considering making funeral plans for you or another member of your family? There are many things to consider when planning a funeral. These considerations include financial, personal preference and event coordinating. Funeral service is continually evolving. Families today have many options to consider when memorializing a loved one. Here are a few things to consider when planning in advance:

Have a Talk with Your Family: This is an important conversation to. By having an open and honest discussion, people can be sure that one’s wishes are fulfilled. This also can be a time when a family can reflect and share memories with one another.
Visit Local Funeral Homes: It is important for families to feel comfortable with the funeral home they choose to work with. It also gives you the opportunity to learn more about the array of services as well as the different price points of the different service packages that a funeral home offers. Our staff at Affinity would love to sit down with you and show you our new space. Give us a call today at 804-477-3136 or stop into our new facility at 2720 Enterprise Parkway Richmond, VA 23294.

Visit Local Cemeteries: Whether you select a traditional burial or cremation, interment at a cemetery is a possibility. Each cemetery has their own price point and guidelines. You may want to preplan and reserve a burial plot or niche space ahead of time. Most cemeteries also have a vault requirement. You certainly can purchase the vault through the cemetery, but you may also purchase a vault through us here at Affinity Funeral Service.

Event Planning: With the rise in cremation, many families are still looking for ways to memorialize their loved ones. Memorials can take place at the funeral home, at the church, even at a later date at a restaurant. Some factors to consider if you are to have a traditional service or memorial service include: selecting the clergy, selection of pallbearers, family to speak at the service, verses or music that one would like to share at the service.

Prefunding a Service: After you have had to discuss your funeral plans with your family, you may choose to prefund your funeral. There are several advantages to choosing to prefund a funeral service. These include: guaranteed price, significant savings, transferability, and security and protection.

Guaranteed Price: All Funeral Service charges and merchandise are price guaranteed.

Significant Savings: Planning in advance allows one to make clear decisions without be too emotional.

Transferability: In the event that you decide to move, our staff can work with you to find a funeral home in your new home.

Security & Protection: In Virginia, as required by the Code of Virginia, funeral providers are required to place funds that have been funded in advance with a state approved third-party entities.

Writing an Obituary
We have had many families ask about what goes into writing an obit. An obit and what it contains is what you want it to be. While there certainly is a traditional style that you often see in your local newspaper, there is no specific format that must be followed. A traditional obit often incorporates the following elements: notice of one’s passing, biographical content, surviving family, and service details.
A recent trend that we are seeing is a shift from the traditional obit, to an obit that champions or seeks to highlight a specific cause. It is important to remember that the obit you are placing in a paper is your obit. The paper may have minor formatting changes, but we will work with you to convey the message that you want to share with the public.

We are aware that we are in the midst of a digital age. Information is at one’s fingertips instantly. A unique feature that we offer the families that we serve is the use of an online guestbook at no charge. When placing an obit in the paper, the paper will have their own set charges. Often papers charge per line and have a limit to the number of characters per line. There also can be fees associated with placing a picture. A large obit can lead to significant fees from the paper.

A strategy that we employ when families are concerned with high obit fees is placing a shorter obit in the paper with service details and a link prompting the reader to the funeral homes online guestbook. There is no fee for using our online guest. We can make the obit that appears online as long as you want it to be and it also allows readers to leave condolences. I invite you to visit our website at Take some time to view our guestbook entries and explore the unique features that our website offers to the families that we serve.

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