Affinity Funeral Service is a full-service funeral home. We offer a variety of services ranging from complete traditional burials to non-traditional ceremonial gatherings. The members of our staff work with each family to ensure that a fitting tribute is provided to their loved ones.

As a full service funeral home we also understand the growing desire for cremation services. In recent years there have been a rise in cremation societies as well as online cremation sites. Many funeral homes are creating these sites to compete with the lower price points often provided by cremation societies, while maintaining higher price points at their full-service funeral homes.

At Affinity you can trust that not only are our prices lower then the Virginia Cremation Society, but that we are a full-service funeral home which ensures that your loved one never leaves our care. Many of our cremation packages, which include a memorial gathering and service, are often less then a direct cremation fee of other area funeral homes. We invite you to come visit our new facility at 2720 Enterprise Parkway. Our new modern spacious facility will allow your family to celebrate the life of your loved one in a space that is warm and inviting.

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